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This is my personnal homepage. You'll find on this page some of my own programs, generally OpenGL demos, sometimes accompanied by an article in french and/or in english (a tutorial, a file format specification, etc.). All my works are Open Source, because first, Open Source rocks, and then, because their primary purpose are for education and they would be completely useless if they were closed source.

You can contact me by mail at tfc.duke on gmail.com (french/english).

USB PICkit™ Programmer

pickit(tm) 1 picture

usb_pickit 1.6 is a PIC programmer for use with Microchip's PICkit™ 1 Flash Starter Kit. This little low cost development board allow you to program some 8-bits PIC microcontrollers (8 and 14 pins) like 12F675 and 16F684 devices.

This programmer is based on the 1.5 verion by Jeff Boly, has some improvements and a big code rewriting. It works on GNU/Linux and Windows. More informations and download...

Demos and programs

All these programs are Open Source. Some old works haven't been tagged yet with a licence. I assume they are licensed under the MIT-license, like a majority of my other works.

My programs are compiled with GCC under GNU/Linux. I try to make them portable, at least buildable under Windows with MinGW. Not all demos are distributed with compiled binaries. I try to keep them minimalistic, with less bloat as possible, so that it's easy to understand the feature they are illustrating (loading a model, an image, etc.)

From time to time, I rework one of them and update it. So none of them is in final version.

Programs written in C

Programs written in C++

Articles (in english)

OpenGL/Game programming:

Articles (in french)

Articles programmation/OpenGL/jeux vidéos :

Articles programmation SDK d'Half-Life 1 :

Precompiled Win32 libraries

Here are some libraries I use in my programs, compiled for windows (under GNU/Linux, use the package system of your distro). Although it is present in the table, I no longer supports MS Visual Studio 6.0 (too old, too bad).

List of compiled win32 libraries
Library MinGW32 MS Visual Studio 6.0
SDL SDL 1.2.8 SDL 1.2.8
SDL SDL 1.2.7 SDL 1.2.7
glut glut 3.7.6 glut 3.7.6
zlib zlib 1.2.1 zlib 1.2.1
libpng (need zlib) libpng 1.2.6 libpng 1.2.6
libjpeg libjpeg 6b libjpeg 6b

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